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Russell T. Kinsey
February 6, 1947   -   November 15 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Bryan Lucas ,  Son   
Person Description
Russell T. Kinsey died peacefully of cancer Fri 11/15 at his home in Silver Spring, MD with his loving wife Sue and family at his side. Russ served in Vietnam as a US Marine.

He is survived by his wife Suely Kinsey, sons Bryan Lucas, Adam Kinsey, Richard DeMoraes, daughter Stephanie DeMoraes, sisters Nancy Hicks and Tammy Wise, and brother Bill Kinsey. In addition, he leaves grandchildren Kinsey Lucas, Brayden Lucas and Roen DeMoraes, nephews Timmy Fowler, Brandon Fowler, Mitchell Guthrie, and Alex Kinsey and niece Shannon Hicks.
Service Information:
Parklawn Cemetery, Rockville, MD
Saturday 11/23 10:00am
Bryan\'s house to follow
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Contributor :  Jim & Margaret Yates

We are saddened to hear of Russell\'s death. He was such a great guy! Jim has special memories of living at Jim & Mim\'s and Russell was so kind and welcoming to Jim. We are thinking of you in your time of loss. With Love, Jim & Margaret

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